The Oldest Mountain

8 February – 17 March 2018


The culmination of a personal journey, and the beginning of a new ascent, The Oldest Mountain showcases new paintings and sculptural works that lay evidence to Jonathan Freemantle’s own physical and psychological connection to the landscapes here in Gauteng and across the globe. Opening Gallery MOMO’s 2018 exhibition calendar, Freemantle presents fragments and remnants of his rural studio in the idyllic setting of the Magaliesburg Mountains, a range that stands as one of the oldest in the world. It is from this physical land, no more than 80km from the heart of Johannesburg, that Freemantle has allowed himself to dissolve into the mountain, exploring his own pleasure and play through earth made paint and pigment, while addressing the reality of a history of violence and political unrest that still shows present on the Mountains surface. As both a continuation and departure from Freemantle’s 2016 exhibition Der Heilige Berg II which sought a romanticized ‘perfect mountain’, The Oldest Mountain brings a refreshingly solemn new age to Freemantle’s timeless journey through land, body and mind.